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    How to | Turn Your Followers Into Loyal Customers


    One of the most important parts of branding is making it personal. You want to make your followers, consumers, and audience your friends. That is the only way to build trust and loyalty. But how? How do you build your reputation as a serious businesswoman/man in a BFF kind of way?

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  • nyc blogger

    5 Outfits for Fall

    Like every other blogger, fall is also my favorite time of the year. It’s still warm where you don’t need a parka but it’s chilly enough where you can layer and…

  • easy-diy-halloween-costumes

    3 Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

    I honestly cannot believe Halloween is almost here. I feel like I totally missed September and now being in the city I don’t get to see all the leaves changing for…

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    How to | Get People to Click Your Shopping Guides

    A few weeks ago I talked about affiliate links. This week I’m going to tell youΒ the real reason bloggers make shopping guides, which I’m sure you can already guess… Not only…

  • olive for fall

    I Love Olive this Fall & You Should Too

    Olive for fall is just about as groundbreaking as florals are for spring (remember The Devil Wears Prada?), but for good reason. Olive is amazing. It’s a color that never goes…

  • rachel the daily luxe

    Style File Friday: Rachel from The Daily Luxe

    Rachel from The Daily Luxe lives a life well-traveled, to say the least. Her beach-yΒ glam style keeps us coming back to see what destination location she’s in next. Austrailian-based, Rachel prides…

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    My Uncensored Perspective on Fashion Week

    I had my first taste of fashion week in February when I went to my first “event” and got to hang with other bloggers both big and small. I can honestly…

  • paris-fashion-week-2016

    What to Wear | to Paris Fashion Week

    Paris in general is one of those cities that is every fashion girl’s dream. Paris Fashion Week? Forget it, we’d kill to go to that! Paris is one of the fashion…