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6 Killer Content Ideas for Every Type of Blogger at Halloween

blogger halloween costume ideasThis summer was a bit rough for me. I took a break from social media, I had some personal things going on, and I felt totally uninspired. And out of all those things what impacted me the most was feeling uninspired.

As a blogger feeling inspired is kind of a big deal. When you’re inspired and passionate your audience will feel inspired and passionate and when you’re not, well, your blog and business will suffer. Continue Reading

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The Dos & Don’ts of Movie Premieres for Bloggers

A few weeks ago I had the honor of attending the world premiere of Mother! To be completely honest when I got the invite I thought they had me confused with someone else. They couldn’t possibly want me to…

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How to | Create the Perfect Instagram Aesthetic & Theme

Ah, my latest and most fascinating obsession: aesthetic. Aesthetic is also known as your theme or “vibe”. It’s basically how you edit your photos and how it ties into the rest of your brand. Something that has honestly been…

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#nabtravels: Fave Photoshoot Locations in Ocean City NJ

If blogging alone wasn’t enough stress already, try blogging while you travel. Oh em gee. Whenever I go on “vacation” I end up working harder than I do when I’m at home because as a blogger, it’s your duty…

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How Micro-Influencers Can Kill It During Fashion Week

*The only show I attended this year was to support my good friend Gina and her line Trade by Gina La Morte – a socially conscious brand that helps prevent human trafficking and abuse. To be completely honest New…

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My #bloggerfail We Can All Learn From

This post was originally titled something else, something about fashion but as I started typing and the emotions started flowing I realized it deserved more credit than I was giving it. So here we are.…

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How to | Pick the Perfect Song for Your Blog Videos

What a random blog post right?! Well, over the past few weeks I’ve been sharing little mini-tutorials on Instastories from how to DIY a faux marble topΒ flatlayΒ to picking and editing your photos for blog posts and since you guys…

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Here’s What Happens When You Cheat to the Top on Instagram

A few weeks ago we talked about the largely anticipated topic: the Instagram algorithm. And after requests from Kherington, Allison, Eden, and DeAnna, this week we’re going to talk about how “cheating” your way to the top on Instagram…