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    When to Consider Yourself a Pro Blogger

    when to consider yourself a pro blogger

    It seems like today we have two extremely different types of people: you have the people who think they’re better than they are and the people who think they’re not good enough (very common among women especially). I have found that it is rare for someone to feel they’re a happy medium. So, for me to sit here and tell you you’re a pro blogger when you’ve done xyz, is a pretty bold move… but that’s how I like it. Continue Reading

  • how to build a brand

    How to | Build an Unbreakable Brand

    Bloggers aren’t just bloggers anymore, they’re influencers with their own brand identity. Now if you want to stand out you can’t just have pretty pictures, you have to be the jack-of-all-trades.…

  • brixton fiddler hat

    I Wore a Cadet Hat & You Can Too!

    So cadet hats are a thing and I really really like it. There’s something about wearing a hat that just elevates your whole outfit. I always notice I getΒ double takes when…

  • grey topshop jeans

    My Run In With Blog Bullies & Negative Comments

    Maybe it’s me (receives 3 negative comments and plays the victim), but in the past month I’ve been bombarded by “blog bullies” andΒ negative comments about stuff I’ve written. And I have…

  • 3 Outfits to Wear to Brunch in NYC

    In NYC brunch is a huge deal, like huge. If you haven’t gone to “brunch” you haven’t lived apparently. I went to brunch once and it was more like breakfast because…

  • coachella 2017

    What I Would Wear to Coachella 2017

    I’ve never been to Coachella but like every other fashion girl, I’m dying to go. Anyone want to give me tickets? Please? Anyone? No? Ok.Β Regardless I’m still wishful thinking over here…

  • nyc fashion blogger

    My 4 Favorite Outfits from March

    I know I said “favorite” blog posts were far from my favorite but I’m having a change of heart as I find them much more efficient than posting pictures of the…