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Blogging Advice from the World’s Top Bloggers c/o Who What Wear

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Here’s a question for you: what do Wendy’s Lookbook, the founder Bauble Bar, and Marianna Hewitt all have in common? Well they’re just the baddest babes in the influencer industry that’s all. Combined they have over 2 MILLION followers and they’ve expanded their brand beyond their blogs. I mean, Marianna Hewitt is like BFFs with Kim K. It doesn’t get more exclusive than that. So when I got invited to an event where all of these ladies were panelists, I had to jump on the opportunity. And I’m so glad I did. Continue Reading

rachel zeilic majorelle

All About Influencers with Majorelle Founder Rachel Zeilic

I want to preface this interview by saying this was my first phone interview which was absolutely incredible and I can’t thank Rachel enough for her time. In true hustler fashion, Rachel called me on her way to an…

not another blonde new year

NAB Year in Review: What Happened & What’s Coming in 2018

While I watched just about every blogger’s Instagram story about how AMAZING their 2017 was, I have to say I felt pretty inadequate (one of the many downsides to social media). Unlike my fellow blogger babes, I did not…

rebecca minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff’s Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

A few weeks ago I had the honor of attending the Superwomen Power Hour hosted by Who What Wear. If you watched my Instastories that night you’ll know how thrilled and absolutely blown away I am by what Who…

animal rescue organizations

Holiday Gifts Bloggers Should Be Talking About, But Aren’t

I really wish more bloggers talked about the philanthropic holiday gifts you can give instead of the same overpriced stuff that lasts one season. I mean, as bloggers we have the power to influence far beyond the clothing we…

nyc blogger

How to | Build Your Blog Like a Boss (Part 2)

A few weeks ago we talked about the basics of setting up a successful blog. This week we’re going to jump into what to do when you’ve passed those beginning stages. You know, when you feel almost stuck and…

3 Unique Ways Bloggers Can Promote Holiday Gift Guides

Gift guides are far from novel. In fact, every single blogger makes them, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less important. Don’t reinvent the wheel, you know? Gift guides are so huge during the holidays it would be silly…


Confession: I’m Not Grateful

I always thought of myself as a grateful person. After all I’ve been reading about gratitude since I was 16 in books like The Secret, The Four Agreements, A Return to Love, A New Earth, The Last Lecture, Excuses…