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How to | Prep Your Blog for the Holidays Now

nyc fashion bloggerAfter being in a creative rut for what seemed like a lifetime, the past few weeks my creative juices have been F L O W I N G, capital F. I’ve had all these ideas and I really wanted to have enough time to bring them to life so this weekend I finalized my holiday content plans and here we are.  Continue Reading

How to | Build Your Blog Like a Boss (Part 1) 

blogger in chanel bagWhen I started my blog 6ish years ago I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I didn’t know I needed a niche, branding, or an actual strategy. I also had no idea how to provide “value”, I’m not even sure I knew what value was. (And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, keep reading.) Continue Reading

6 Killer Content Ideas for Every Type of Blogger at Halloween

blogger halloween costume ideasThis summer was a bit rough for me. I took a break from social media, I had some personal things going on, and I felt totally uninspired. And out of all those things what impacted me the most was feeling uninspired.

As a blogger feeling inspired is kind of a big deal. When you’re inspired and passionate your audience will feel inspired and passionate and when you’re not, well, your blog and business will suffer. Continue Reading

How Micro-Influencers Can Kill It During Fashion Week

new york fashion week*The only show I attended this year was to support my good friend Gina and her line Trade by Gina La Morte – a socially conscious brand that helps prevent human trafficking and abuse.

To be completely honest New York Fashion Week stresses me the F out. There is so much pressure from a blogger standpoint to be at the forefront of all the shows, dressed to the nines, going to all the events, and networking the crap out of yourself, all while documenting the whole experience via social media. Continue Reading

How to | Pick the Perfect Song for Your Blog Videos

beach style bloggerWhat a random blog post right?! Well, over the past few weeks I’ve been sharing little mini-tutorials on Instastories from how to DIY a faux marble top flatlay to picking and editing your photos for blog posts and since you guys love them so much I want to start translating them onto the blog as opposed to having them disappear after 24 hours. Continue Reading

Why You Shouldn’t Try to “Do It All” AKA Realizing Your Own Limits

zara bloggerThe other day I was talking to my smart, funny, charming, sweet, caring boyfriend Patricio and I was basically complaining about not having enough time to do things. Considering I preach just the opposite (you DO in fact have time to do things, you just choose not to do them), it goes to show we all have our off days. Anyway, I was saying how I’d love to learn graphic design, web design, and video editing sounds easy for some but I found it’s pretty time consuming and to do what I want to do would take years. Continue Reading