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Everything Bloggers Need to Know About Media Kits

how bloggers can make a media kitI can’t believe after all this time I’ve never written a post about media kits! And shout out to Allison Hodges for requesting I do. For those of you who don’t know, in simple terms a media kit is an elongated version of your elevator pitch (who you are, what you do, and how you can help) and a breakdown of your stats. Continue Reading

The Most Important Question Bloggers Can Ask Themselves

brixton fiddler capSo I’ve been really starting to ask myself why a lot lately. Truth be told, I always knew the why was important but I wasn’t sure why until recently.

I had a phone call with Rachel Zeilic, you know, the designer/creative director of Majorelle and now VP of talent at Who What Wear, and basically the boss babe of all things fashion; and one of the questions I asked was how can micro-influencers get in with macro-influencers? How does one even begin to hang with that crowd? Because let’s be honest, we all want to be friends with these biz savvy bloggers but they seem so far out of our reach! Continue Reading

Blogging Advice from the World’s Top Bloggers c/o Who What Wear

who what wear collection

Here’s a question for you: what do Wendy’s Lookbook, the founder Bauble Bar, and Marianna Hewitt all have in common? Well they’re just the baddest babes in the influencer industry that’s all. Combined they have over 2 MILLION followers and they’ve expanded their brand beyond their blogs. I mean, Marianna Hewitt is like BFFs with Kim K. It doesn’t get more exclusive than that. So when I got invited to an event where all of these ladies were panelists, I had to jump on the opportunity. And I’m so glad I did. Continue Reading

I Got a Mentor! & Here’s Why You Should Get One Too…

levis wedgie jeansA few months ago I launched the NAB mentorship program.

I wanted a place where bloggers could come and get the one on one support they needed. I wanted to be able to give more than just the support here or in the Not Another Blonde bloggers only Facebook group.

So I knew it was time to bring the mentorship program to life and also find a mentor of my own. After all, how can I stress the importance of getting a mentor if I don’t have one myself? Continue Reading

NAB Year in Review: What Happened & What’s Coming in 2018

not another blonde new yearWhile I watched just about every blogger’s Instagram story about how AMAZING their 2017 was, I have to say I felt pretty inadequate (one of the many downsides to social media). Unlike my fellow blogger babes, I did not jet-set to some private island in the Caribbean or drink the finest wine in Italy, nor did my clothing line sell out (spoiler alert: I don’t have a clothing line). Continue Reading

How to | Prep Your Blog for the Holidays Now

nyc fashion bloggerAfter being in a creative rut for what seemed like a lifetime, the past few weeks my creative juices have been F L O W I N G, capital F. I’ve had all these ideas and I really wanted to have enough time to bring them to life so this weekend I finalized my holiday content plans and here we are.  Continue Reading