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3 Things Every Blogger Needs to Make It

3 things every blogger needsWhen I first started blogging I could dress myself and write. That was about it. My style wasn’t one of a kind and there really wasn’t anything “unique” about anything I was doing or saying. Then I started to really come into my own and find my strengths, realize my talents, develop a strategy, and let my personality shine through. And that’s when things really started happening for me. Continue Reading

The Biggest Mistake Bloggers Can Make

biggest mistake bloggers can makeBlogging is one of the most competitive industries out there right now. Sure you can argue real estate, entertainment, and fitness are competitive industries but blogging is just everywhere. Even within those industries, there are bloggers. Yes, there are real estate agents that also blog. It’s crazy, there’s no escaping it! Continue Reading

An Email Script That Will Land You Collabs

email script for brand collabs

Reaching out to brands is hard. The more blogging and influencing progress, the harder it is to get a piece of the pie. However, with new challenges come new opportunities, believe it or not. And I’m a firm believer that you can make anything happen for yourself depending on how willing you are to make it happen. So, we’re going to talk about an email script that will set you apart from the crowd and land you collabs.  Continue Reading

How I Create Blog Content in 3 Steps

how i create blog content in 3 steps

I can’t believe after 6 years I’ve never talked about how I create blog content. It’s something that not a lot of bloggers talk about because, they’re so busy creating they forget there’s even a process involved! But don’t worry, Britt’s got your back. So today I’m going to take you step by step into the exact content creation process I use.  Continue Reading

How to | Create Content 5 Days a Week

how to create content 5 days a weekIf you asked me a year ago about how often I thought bloggers had to post to stay relevant I would have said once a week. While I still think you can get away with one blog post a week, I don’t think you can post once a week on all your outlets (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) and expect to gain a large, loyal, engaged audience.

Continue Reading

How to | Get & Keep Your Followers’ Attention

blog tips

I always talk about my man Gary Vee because, well his stuff is good, like really good. He is my ultimate #mcm. Like, if/when I meet him I hope his wife isn’t around, (sorry boogs).

In all seriousness my attraction to him is strictly business related. There is nothing hotter to me than when a person is confident in their craft and that’s exactly what Gary Vee is. Not only that but he’s right in everything he says 99% of the time so he’s not just blowing smoke. Continue Reading

When to Consider Yourself a Pro Blogger

when to consider yourself a pro blogger

It seems like today we have two extremely different types of people: you have the people who think they’re better than they are and the people who think they’re not good enough (very common among women especially). I have found that it is rare for someone to feel they’re a happy medium. So, for me to sit here and tell you you’re a pro blogger when you’ve done xyz, is a pretty bold move… but that’s how I like it. Continue Reading