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Bad & Bougie Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

valentine's day gift ideasWhether it’s Valentine’s Day, Christmas, a birthday, or Halloween… I just love any excuse to go all out and celebrate. I’m not saying, for every holiday you should roll out the red carpet, but I figure, why not make those days extra special? I mean it’s not every day you celebrate your relationship, though you should, but it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day that your relationship isn’t always a priority, which is why I like to really go ham on V day. Continue Reading

Bangin’ Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals Bloggers Need to Know About

blogger black fridayWelcome bloggers! You have just hit the mother load of Black Friday deals, steals, and killer sales to kick off the holiday season. (Don’t worry, even if you’re not a blogger, you’ll still benefit from this too.) I spent an embarrassing amount of time creating this guide that literally has something for everyone… except for boys, there are no gifts for guys on here, but let’s be real, girl stuff is more fun anyway.  Continue Reading

3 Halloween Costumes for That 70’s Girl

genie belly dance costumeI can’t remember the last time I went out for Halloween. In fact, since Pat and I have been dating we’ve kind of made it a thing to go to my mom’s every Halloween and hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters while being dressed like creepy zombies. Picture Lindsay Lohan from Mean Girls at the Halloween party… that’s us. It’s weirdly satisfying being a zombie, it’s like having an alter ego or something. Continue Reading

How to | Pick the Perfect Song for Your Blog Videos

beach style bloggerWhat a random blog post right?! Well, over the past few weeks I’ve been sharing little mini-tutorials on Instastories from how to DIY a faux marble top flatlay to picking and editing your photos for blog posts and since you guys love them so much I want to start translating them onto the blog as opposed to having them disappear after 24 hours. Continue Reading

The “Blogger Dress” of Summer & How to Wear It

rue stiic dressI’m well aware that summer is coming to an end but I can’t help but hold on for just a little longer. So I thought I would bring attention to the one trend that all bloggers and fashionistas alike have been gravitating toward – the girly girl mini dress. There, of course, are slightly different variations of “the dress” but it’s the same underlying trend. Continue Reading

Best Blogger Fashion Trends this Summer

hm off the shoulder topFor years, you would look to magazines for fashion inspo and editors would be the ones calling the shots – dictating to us what’s in and what’s out. And now, gone are the days where the only people who lace the pages are celebrities. Continue Reading

Bathing Suits for Big Booty Babes

bathing suits for big buttsI feel like I’m a pretty straight forward shopper. I see something I like, I pick my size, and it usually fits like a glove. But not when it comes to bathing suits and jeans – they’re pretty much my worst nightmare. Please tell me I’m not alone? Continue Reading