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I Wore a Cadet Hat & You Can Too!

brixton fiddler hat
So cadet hats are a thing and I really really like it. There’s something about wearing a hat that just elevates your whole outfit. I always notice I get double takes when I’m wearing a hat either because I look absolutely ridiculous or ridiculously cool, either way, I’ll take it! Continue Reading

3 Outfits to Wear to Brunch in NYC

nyc blogger brunchIn NYC brunch is a huge deal, like huge. If you haven’t gone to “brunch” you haven’t lived apparently. I went to brunch once and it was more like breakfast because the place was empty. When you truly brunch in NYC there isn’t an empty seat in the house.  Continue Reading

What I Would Wear to Coachella 2017

coachella 2017

I’ve never been to Coachella but like every other fashion girl, I’m dying to go. Anyone want to give me tickets? Please? Anyone? No? Ok. Regardless I’m still wishful thinking over here and planning my outfits for when I finally do go. Continue Reading

My 4 Favorite Outfits from March

nyc fashion bloggerI know I said “favorite” blog posts were far from my favorite but I’m having a change of heart as I find them much more efficient than posting pictures of the same outfit 5 times in one blog post, (there’s nothing wrong with that by the way). Just when I think I’m running out of outfits, I find some way to make it work and create new looks and that’s exactly what happened this month. So, I really wanted to share what I did and how you can recreate a similar look.  Continue Reading

3 Outfits Under $100

nyc bloggerI first heard of SheIn a few years ago when one of my favorite Parisian bloggers was wearing the brand, (if you don’t know by now I have a sick obsession with all things Parisian). And because I desperately want to be a Parisian, I bought the item she was wearing… which was only $14 to my surprise! So naturally at that price point coming from a brand I wasn’t familiar with, I had my doubts.

Continue Reading

My Spring Fashion Wishlist that Won’t Make You Go Broke

blogger spring fashion picks

I may have gotten ahead of myself on this one considering it was just snowing and they’re calling for more snow this week, but a girl can still dream of spring, right? Anyway, as you know, I’m all about style on a budget so my spring fashion wishlist will leave you looking like a million bucks (or at least a few hundred) without spending it. Continue Reading

Top 5 Flats You Need for the Office

sam edelman grey pom pom sneakers

I never thought I was a shoe person until I ran out of room on my shoe rack, go figure. So I guess now that makes me the stereotypical girl with tons of shoes that she never wears, except there’s a twist. I actually do wear all of my shoes because, well, I have to. Continue Reading

Faux Fur Coats I Would Have Worn to Fashion Week

forever 21 blogger

So I didn’t go to fashion week this season… again. This is partly because I have a full-time day job (which makes doing anything other than your job virtually impossible), partly because I wasn’t feelin’ it, and partly because I rather hustle on new projects (coming soon) that are going to make me money than sit through a fashion show 10,000 other bloggers are covering. Continue Reading