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All About Influencers with Majorelle Founder Rachel Zeilic

rachel zeilicI want to preface this interview by saying this was my first phone interview which was absolutely incredible and I can’t thank Rachel enough for her time. In true hustler fashion, Rachel called me on her way to an appointment, and after we hung up, the girl hasn’t stopped! From getting her start at a hardware store in Australia to then becoming the Creative Director of Majorelle and now the VP of Talent for Who What Wear, Rachel is the epitome of a #girlboss.  Continue Reading

Frassy Who? Mega Babe “Frassy Audrey” Talks Blogger Transparency & Aesthetics

audrey leightonAudrey Leighton aka Frassy Audrey aka the mega babe behind Be Frassy, is like a sultry mix of Sofia Loren and Marilyn Monroe. She’s just super hot, there I said it! And beneath the initial surface appeal, she’s truly a fascinating human, one that I instantly was drawn to as soon as I discovered her. She writes poetry, stays “on brand” at all times, and shows all of her personality – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Continue Reading

Style File Friday | Rachel from The Daily Luxe

rachel the daily luxe

Rachel from The Daily Luxe lives a life well-traveled, to say the least. Her beach-y glam style keeps us coming back to see what destination location she’s in next. Austrailian-based, Rachel prides herself on sharing the very best of the outback and her down under style. Did I use enough Austrailia puns yet? Anyway, check out how she got into blogging and where she sees it headed… Continue Reading

Style File Friday | Victoria Van Ness from Bloglovin’

victoria van ness instagram

Victoria Van Ness started as as part of Bloglovin’s community team and became an Instastar virtually overnight. She has since gained 15K followers and writes for the Bloglovin’ blog. When I met Bloglovin’s founder a few months ago, I learned how his clothing has played a crucial part in his success and clearly Victoria is following in his footsteps. Seeing as not long ago she graduated high school her accomplishments are amazing for someone her age and more and more young digital stars are emerging – another reason why I stress getting on… and following me of course (@notanotherblonde). Anyway, let’s hear Victoria’s opinion on the matter… Continue Reading

Style File Friday | Parisian Blogger Kristi of La Georgienne

la georgienne

If you know me you know I eat, sleep, live, and breathe for Paris! I should have been born Parisian with natural brown hair, striped shirt, and naked fingernails. I take my affinity for Parisians very seriously… clearly. Anyway, I am thrilled to introduce our first French Style File Friday guest, Parisian blogger Kristi of La Georgienne. Kristi’s story is interesting in that her love for fashion organically grew from a photo diary to an Instagram following of over 14K followersContinue Reading

Style File Friday | @bentheliem

instagram star @bentheliem

I am so excited to introduce yet another Instagram star @bentheliem to Style File Friday. I’m always most fascinated by Instagram stars because they become noticed solely on beautiful photos, which is no easy feat. Benthe dishes about why Instagram is such a hot platform, her goals, and advice to people looking to break into the digital world…

Name: Benthe Liem

Age: 19

Location: Den Bosch, Netherlands Continue Reading