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My Run In With Blog Bullies & Negative Comments

blonde blogger

Maybe it’s me (receives 3 negative comments and plays the victim), but in the past month I’ve been bombarded by “blog bullies” and negative comments about stuff I’ve written. And I have to admit I’m shocked, confused, and hurt.

Like, in my mind I’m not talking about anything super controversial like politics or religion, so how could someone possibly be offended by what I say? Continue Reading

What I Learned from Pro Blogger Zanita 

what i learned from blogger zanita

It’s been a little over a year since I started writing for Zanita and if you read my post about the highs and lows of 2016, you’d know writing for Zanita was definitely a high. Not only did doors of opportunity open for me left and right, but I became a stronger, more confident blogger. Once I became a permanent member of the Zanita Studio team, I was faced with maintaining my brand and someone else’s so I really pushed myself to become an expert in my field. Continue Reading

My Secret Sauce for Attracting “The One”

attracting the one

I received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from my Patricio post, so I decided to write a follow-up post for all my single ladies out there.

Listen, I’ve been in your shoes. Like, I was in your shoes for a really really long time before I met Patricio. I’ve dated guys that wanted nothing to do with me, guys that were obsessed with me. I’ve also literally dated every single type of guy – the homeboy, the clown, the jock, the drug addict, the hipster, the mama’s boy, the jerk, the good guy… all of ’em. Continue Reading

The Fastest Way to Get a Six Pack

fitness blogger workoutNext to getting asked about my hair (surprisingly), I’m most frequently asked about my workout regime. If you follow me on Snapchat (un: notanothrblonde) you’ll see me post a daily workout picture saying “BBG week 5 day 3” or something along those lines. Most of you know by now what BBG but if you don’t… Google it. Continue Reading

Meet My Boyfriend & Take a Peek into My Love Life

not another blonde blogger

I wanted to give you guys a formal introduction to my other (certainly not better) half, Pat, aka Patricio aka Patreezus aka Boogs because his birthday is on Sunday and we’ve only been dating for 3 years so it’s about time.

Patricio is most commonly recognized from me making fun of him in some way, shape, or form via Snapchat (un: notanothrblonde). Since he’s going to school for engineering, his appearances have been far and few in between lately due to his “extremely difficult workload”. Continue Reading

The Highs & Lows of 2016

blogger highs and lows of 2016

As the other 10 million bloggers do at the end of every year, I too, will be sharing my highs and lows of 2016. The difference is that usually, these blog posts go along the lines of something like “I learned a lot in 2016…” or “My blog taught me so much this year…”. This post isn’t going to be anything like that. Continue Reading

My Favorite Advice From My Favorite Men | Father’s Day Edition

father's day editionI write so many Mother’s Day posts it’s only fair I share the love with the Dads out there for a special Father’s Day edition blog post packed with advice from my favorite men. I know “behind every good man is a good woman”, but even without us, they can dish some good stuff… surprisingly, (just kidding!).

In all seriousness, these men have said similar versions of the same thing and the reason for that is because it works! Take their advice, apply it to your life for a month or two, then get back to me.  Continue Reading

My Mom’s Advice is Better Than Yours

my mom's advice is better than yours

The biggest inspiration in my life is hands down my mom. She turned me on to all things self-development and allowed me to dream bigger than I thought possible. She told me I could do anything I wanted because anything is possible. So really, she’s the brains behind this blonde operation… not me! Anyway, I thought it would be fun to interview her since moms always know best. Plus my mom’s advice is better than yours… or mine for that matter! Continue Reading