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  • forever 21 blogger

    4 Outfit Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend

    First of all, I am loving our little secret Facebook group (to join simply search NOT ANOTHER BLONDE on Facebook and add yourself). It’s full of such authentic, go-getter girlbosses and…

  • how to create content

    How I Create Blog Content in 3 Steps

    I can’t believe after 6 years I’ve never talked about how I create blog content. It’s something that not a lot of bloggers talk about because, they’re so busy creating they…

  • memorial day sales 2017

    My Top Memorial Day Picks (On Sale Now!)

    Not only do I love Memorial Day Weekend because it’s a 3 day weekend, but it’s just another excuse to go shopping. If you follow me on Snap (notanothrblonde) I’m sure…

  • how to create content 5 days a week

    How to | Create Content 5 Days a Week

    If you asked me a year ago about how often I thought bloggers had to post to stay relevant I would have said once a week. While I still think you…

  • 2017 blogger mothers day gift guide

    2017 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

    I made this guide with my own mom in mind. Believe it or not we’re complete opposites. We have the same mannerisms and say the same things at the same time…

  • h&m white blazer

    The Perfect Spring Blazer Under $40

    It has taken me years, and I mean years, to find the perfect blazer. Blazers are one of those things that you can’t buy cheap without them looking cheap. And while…

  • how to know when you're a pro

    When to Consider Yourself a Pro Blogger

    It seems like today we have two extremely different types of people: you have the people who think they’re better than they are and the people who think they’re not good…