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I know that a lot of people joke about global warming but if this spring hasn’t been an indication that global warming is real, I don’t know what is. I mean 82 degrees in NYC in April? Come on. That’s not normal.

And unless we do something about it soon the weather will become more and more unpredictable. (I told you I was going to bring awareness to real issues in 2017.) So if you care about your spring wardrobe or the world, ::rolls eyes:: then you can donate to the Environmental Defense Fund or call/email your local representatives expressing your concerns about the environment.

So until we can get the weather under control we’ll be dealing with the unpredictability of hot, cold, rainy, sunny, humid – any weather you can think of in spring. But don’t worry, I got you covered…


what to wear for spring

I am in love with this outfit, minus my “popped collar”. I seriously had no idea it was up until I saw the final product but we were in a rush so we didn’t reshoot. Anyway, this was my first time mixing denim (blue jacket, grey jeans) and I’m pleasantly surprised by the outcome. Sometimes I find that the less you plan and try to get an outfit “right” the better it comes out, which is what happened here.


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On the actual spring-like days, which seem to be far and few in between anymore, you can wear a lightweight shirt with jeans and flats. Say bye-bye to ankle booties, we’re in flat season now.

This outfit is more of a classic look that I would wear if I had a lunch date or something, definitely not conducive to running errands on the weekend considering the shoes are slippery AF and the back straps fall down so you’re constantly tripping over them.

The thing about being a bargain shopper is sometimes you get stuck with poorly made products.

what to wear to work in spring

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Ah, yes, the weirdly warm days (aka global warming on steroids). You know, when we’re in the 80’s when we should be in the 60’s… those days. Anyway, this was one of those days but surprisingly it was breezy so the outfit was just right. The white T and white sneakers make this a more acceptable outfit for super warm weather. Otherwise, to “winterfy” this look I would throw on a black biker jacket and ankle boots. You can’t wrong with a white T and jeans. It’s a classic. How blogger do I sound right now? Ugh.


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