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how to make a vision boardOne of my favorite things in the whole world are vision boards. I love being able to plan my future by way of visualization. As we learned in last week’s “weird rituals”, the mind is a powerful thing. So in order for a vision board to actually work, you need to believe in its power.

It’s easy to maintain momentum when things are going great, but it’s the challenging times that really put your faith to the test. (When I say faith I’m not taking about religion, I’m talking about faith in yourself that everything will work out.)

So this is where vision boards come in handy. They’re visual goals to work towards. When you see it you believe it and vice versa.

How vision boards work

Vision boards are supposed to take your goals/dreams and put them into action. Vision boards are used as motivators for the days when you don’t want to keep going and the days when you’re on fire. You want a vision board around when you’re on fire so those images are ingrained in your mind and you’re literally manifesting them to life. And on the flip side your vision board helps remind you why you’re doing something on the days when you feel like giving up.

When you visualize your goals/dreams on a daily basis you subconsciously begin to act as if it’s already happened therefore you’re setting yourself up to succeed.

I think of my vision board as long term. I don’t stress myself out by setting lofty goals only to not achieve them in the year. I had my old vision board for about 2 years before I made my new one. Even my new one has pictures from my old board of things I didn’t achieve, which is fine!

You don’t want to get down on yourself when you don’t hit every mark on your vision board. You want to celebrate the wins you do get no matter how small they are.

Like tarot cards, vision boards are not a blueprint of what your life is guaranteed to be like. They’re just a rough outline of the potential things you could do/have. In other words, a vision board plants the seed for amazing things to happen for you.

vision board

How to make a vision board

There really isn’t an art to making a vision board. You just kind of do what feels natural to you. You don’t even need a board, you can use a wire wall grid and clip your images up with clothes pins or you can tape them in a journal. You can even create a digital vision board using Pinterest.

However I’m old school and prefer a physical vision board that I see every single day. My vision board is right above my computer in my office because I spend most of my time there and I think the energy is good because that’s my creative space.

I used to go through magazines and cut out images and words that were relevant for what I wanted to achieve but that was pretty time consuming so now I just print the exact images I want.

I print a combination of places I want to go, people I want to meet, and things I want to have. I tape them all over my board in no particular order but I do make my most important goals stand out a bit. For example whatever I want to happen the most, I’ll print that picture a little bigger than the rest and put it in the center of my vision board.

2 years ago I had a picture of New York City smack dab in the middle of my board and a year later I moved here. Vision boards are powerful.

How to “use” your vision board

The only way vision boards will work is if you do. When you take actionable steps every single day no matter how big or small they are, it will get you one step closer to where you want to go. Obviously, the harder you work the faster you’ll get there but most of us have day jobs, kids, relationships, and families so you have to make allowances for yourself and manage every second of your time efficiently.

If you want to get to NYC, then you better start applying for jobs in NYC every single day. If you want to get engaged, that’s a conversation you need to have with your partner to get the ball rolling. If you want a Chanel bag, start selling other bags on Poshmark, Depop, or eBay. And if you want to be a blogger, start a blog.

You can’t just make a vision board and be done with it, like ‘Ok I’m ready now!’. As powerful as your thoughts are, your actions are even more powerful. I do believe if you think about something long enough it will happen but there needs to be action backing those thoughts. Anyone will tell you that.


Do you have a vision board or have you ever made one? Tell me about it in the comments! 


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